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What is Social Media Marketing? And why this is so important for your Business?



Social Media

What is Social Media?

It is a form of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share info, ideas, personal messages and other content. It includes Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter.

Why Social?

People are social creatures. We seek each other out, anyplace we go – and it’s this need for community that’s fuelling the boom of social media these days. Social media offers us the capacity to connect with almost everyone, everywhere, at any time. this indicates social media is having a massive effect on the way we do business. let’s  see how it works.
Let’s Discuss that what is Social Media Marketing:-
 Social media is not just superb for private use only – it may additionally be an incredibly powerful tool for your business. groups of all sizes, in addition to NGOs, can use social media to connect with customers and grow their online network. the use of social media to reach out to people and promote your business is called social media marketing.
With social media, many successful businesses are converting the way people learn, discover and find out new things. It permits businesses to promote it in a focused, customer-focused manner, providing the potential for awesome value for money from advertising and marketing budgets.
5Ways Social Media changed marketing strategies:- 
1. Customer service Marketing: Due to the interaction between customers and companies on social media, many reputations had been tarnished and lots business has been lost. companies have observed that they could establish a competitive edge through responding in public on social media to customer comments and complaints or Reviews. As an end result, customers can see how fast and appropriately a business responds to customer problems. Now, even angry customers constitute awesome advertising and marketing possibilities.
2. Business Intelligence: Entrepreneurs now use social media to discover and monitor their competition. At a time while the opposition in many industries and markets has intensified, businesses need to understand the whole thing about the companies with which they share the playing field. The following competitors can, as an instance, assist entrepreneurs to identify potential customers and find out about the challenges that similar companies face.
every other crucial social media trend involves learning from the social media disasters of competitors. via simply looking at what techniques have succeeded and failed for competitors, organizations can remove tons of the trial-and-blunders experience that costs a lot in terms of money and time.
3. Marketing Insight:- In Insight  Vital information gathered about particular audiences include demographics and other preferences, including the brands and personalities users follow. In addition to gathering audience insights, companies also can directly interact with social media users, thereby avoiding the need to rely on third-party market data. Social media analytics can also help marketers understand the effectiveness of their message and measure how far awareness of their brand has spread. Altogether, the insights made possible by social media help companies craft increasingly effective marketing campaigns.
4. Paid Advertising: Although businesses work tough at constructing a success organic social media presence, they could make bigger their reach through using available paid advertising services. In a few cases, social media advertising can cost much less than search-engine percent services such as Google and Bing. by the use of the advertising tools available on social networks, organizations can exactly target their audience and achieve excellent advertising ROI.
5. Video & Live Service: Live video on social media sites such as Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube give marketers amazing options for brand promotion. Social media sites have increased their offerings to include an extensive variety of content material options, so organizations can appeal to customers with numerous preferences. With video, graphics, polls, and different interactive content, entrepreneurs can use their creativity and target audience insights to post and share content material that resonates with every segment of their target market.
Benefits of Social Media Marketing:
1. It gives real-time access
2. It helps you reach new customers, quickly
3. It builds trust and relevance
4. It allows you to build a community

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Internatinal News

Google will enter in China after 8 Years





A few days ago the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg was seen in China. From this, everyone estimating that he is bringing his company to China. After some time it becomes clear that Facebook is providing some services as per there needs.
Now from the side of Google, the news is that they will launch its different search engine for the china, by removing the contents from our server which are banned in China. In short, Google will make their search engine as per the Government of China.

google china app
In 2010, Google has stopped its service in China due to the opposition of the censorship of the China government. Recently Google employees said that they are developing a Google search App for the people of China, in which content will not be displayed which are banned in the country, this news is said by the people who are connected with this project.

google red
Recently Google employees have presented this methodology to the Government of the china. Google always research and developed many things that are not spread publically. Earlier the online News portal
” The Internet, ” said that Google will soon enter in China, to acquire a business of 1.4 billion customer base. Earlier LinkedIn had also tried to enter in a china and Facebook also admitted the terms and condition of China, Now Google also compliance the conditions of China.
If Google is making the search app for the china then they want to fight against the human rights, because many contents are banned in China.
According to the Amnesty International ” If Google will follow the terms and conditions of China, then it will be the black day for the INTERNET FREEDOM”

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‘Personal Loan’ Useful or Tension for future



Personal loans can be useful for many things. People use them to spread the cost of their wedding, an adoption, tuition fees or to consolidate their existing debt. But how do you know whether it’s a good idea to take one out? There can be both pros and cons to personal loans, and it’s essential to think them over carefully before you commit yourself to one. Whether you already have debt or not, you need to reflect on whether you’ll be able to pay the loan back. You’ll need to make a choice between a secured and unsecured loan, and there are some things you should watch out for so you don’t get stung by unexpected fees.

1.Secured or Unsecured Loan:- Many people take out an unsecured loan, which depends on you having a healthy credit score. A secured loan, on the other hand, requires you to own property or another asset to back it. A secured loan can be riskier, but typically has lower interest rates, so you need to consider the details. If you have something you can use for a secured loan, it may be an option. But you should only use it if you’re certain you can make the repayments. If not, you could lose your asset, whether it’s property, your car or something else.

2. Can You Pay It Back:- Being able to pay back your loan is crucial. If you decide you need to borrow some money, you need to find the best, most affordable option. Before taking out a personal loan, it’s best to pay off as much of your credit card debt as you can. Look around for the best interest rates, and read the fine print about any changes. You might also consider getting payment protection insurance. Although you may associate it with nuisance callers, it can be useful if you’re worried you might miss a payment because of illness or unemployment. Interestingly, the average credit card interest rate can be far lower than that of taking out a loan – do you might wish to explore such options as an alternative to gaining quick access to additional finances.

3. Fees to Watch For:- When you apply for a personal loan, be careful of any fees in the fine print that you might miss. For example, most loans will charge for early repayment. If you pay off your loan earlier than expected, your lender won’t make the money they thought they would. So they’ll charge extra to make sure they still benefit. You also need to watch out for accidentally causing your bank account to go into overdraft. If there’s a possibility of this happening, don’t use automatic payments, to avoid overdraft fees.

4. Are Other Forms of Credit an Alternative:- Before you take out a personal loan, don’t forget to consider other forms of credit. For example, a credit card could be a better option for you. You could also try peer-to-peer lending, or even borrowing money from family or friends.

Make sure you think about it carefully before making the decision to take out a personal loan. They can be useful for a range of things, but don’t rush into taking one out.

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Industries where technology played a vital role



There are some industries in which the rapid change brought about by technology has had a huge impact. They have not only been changed but, in many cases, they’ve been dramatically improved. Here are 5 of those key industries.

1. Car Manufacturing: Making cars is a process that’s never been more efficient and lean than it is right now. Machines are used to mold the shape of the car’s body and all the internet components. They then are used to spray protective coats on the car before the paint is applied. Most of the manufacturing process is undertaken or aided by the use of the latest technologies. This not only makes car manufacturing more efficient but also helps to eliminate major problems. That’s because there’s less chance of human error creeping in.

2. Mining: Mining has always been a very dangerous industry. The threat of collapsing mines, leaking gas and industrial accidents have always been there. But those threats are now being minimized by advances in technology. Companies that offer to dig and trenching machine hire are regulated tightly. And they must meet all safety standards with their machinery. And new equipment can be used to monitor gas, dust and pollution levels underground. This information then allows miners to be kept safe at all times.

3. The Film Industry: It’s impossible not to notice the use of new technologies in the film industry. Over the last couple of decades, the way the big Hollywood studios produce their blockbusters has changed a great deal. Nowadays, most of the big summer spectacles are made using computer-generated imagery. And it’s these films that prove to be the biggest financial successes for the studios. Many people don’t like the dominance of CGI in blockbusters, but it doesn’t seem like a trend that will change anytime soon.

4. Medicine: The medical world has always relied on advancements in technology to drive it forward. This is as true now as ever before. In surgical medicine, keyhole surgery equipment is reducing the risk of infection. It also makes procedures quicker. But the biggest way in which technology is advancing the medical industry is in the field of screening and diagnostics. Scanning technology now allows doctors to pick up on problems very early on, improving the patient’s chances of a full recovery.

5.Banking: Nowadays, most banking transactions are carried out remotely using the internet. This is a great thing for customers who don’t want to have to take a trip to the bank every few days. It allows for much more flexibility for them. But it does come with its challenges too. Banks are continually having to catch up with the latest developments in web security. If the data they hold is compromised and criminals gained access to it, the results could be pretty disastrous for all involved. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to hack big organizations like banks.


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